Dr.  Muhammad Aslam Khan
Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan

Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan

Brig Gen (Retired)
Dr.  Muhammad Aslam Khan, ‘sitara-e-imtiaz (military)
(Author of a book, “The New Great Game: Oil and Gas Politics in Central Eurasia”, published in Feb 2008 under my acronym ‘Dr. Makni’ by Raider Publishing International, New York, London, and Swansea).
Academic/Professional Qualifications
•    PhD, University of Peshawar, Pakistan, June 2002-July 2007. My thesis related to ‘The New Great Game’ (Oil and Gas Politics in Central Eurasia) and finally vetted by two foreign scholars of high repute.
•    MA (International Relation)-University of Peshawar, Pakistan – 2000 (First Division).
•    BSc (Hons) War Sciences, University of Baluchistan, Quetta- 1981
•    PSC, Graduate of Command and Staff College, Quetta-1981.
•    BA-University of Peshawar, Pakistan – 1969
Areas of Specialization
My basic discipline for PhD, which stems from my Master’s qualification indicated above, is International Relations. Military experience of about thirty-two years, when seen in combination with my education achievements render me tremendous versatility. My command of Divisional and Corps Artillery and Army level experience twice as Director place me in comfortable position to handle any research, teaching, administration or combination of any of three, assignments. See my linked profile http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=63526799&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile
Military Experience and Career High Marks
•    Commissioned- 6 September 1970
•    General Staff Officer-III (Int/Ops) in Div HQ – 1975-1977.
•    Instructor in Pakistan Military Academy Kakul (Maj)-1987-1989.
•    Commanding Officer Field Regiment Artillery (Lt Col)-1989-1992.
•    General Staff Officer-1 in Military Operations Directorate GHQ, (Lt Col) 1992-1994.
•    Promoted direct from Lt Col rank to Brig Gen rank-June 1994.
•    Commander Artillery 10 Division-1994-1996.
•    Commander 4 Corps Artillery-1996-1997.
•    Director at GHQ, Pakistan Army-1997-1999.
•    Station Commander-1999-2001.
•    Director at GHQ, Pakistan Army-2001-until retirement.
Traveled to UAE, USA, UK, Germany (twice), Cambodia, Switzerland (twice), Thailand and Saudi Arabia.
•    Was invited by Martin-CCE to Zurich/Lucerne in October 2013 for pre-conference consultations about plausibility of holding an international energy conference.
•    Presented a paper in Geneva, Switzerland at Crans Montana Forum in October 2012, focusing on Western Balkan.
•    Was invited to RCDS London seminar in 2010 but had to decline invitation due to a short notice.
•    Was also allowed a fellowship in DePaul University, USA in March 2011, possibly leading to a teaching appointment later but could not join because of an ailing close relative.
•    Attended a conference in Berlin (Germany) on invitation from 28-29 May 2008.
•    Was member of a military delegation, led by Lt Gen to Cambodia to oversee the peace keeping contingent of Pakistan Army in 1993
Play golf with 16 handicaps.
Awards.   Conferred upon sitara-e-imtiaz (Military) for putting in long meritorious service by the President of Pakistan in August 2001.
List of Publications
•    The New Great Game: Oil and Game Politics in Central Eurasia, by Dr. Makni , my acronym, (Raider Publishing International, New York, London and Swansea, 2008.)
•    Border Geography, Pak-Iran Border, while in Military Operations Directorate, GHQ, Rawalpindi-1983.
Research Papers/Thesis
•    Soviet Expansion—An Analysis-1982, Military Operations Directorate, GHQ, Rawalpindi
•    Central Asia’s Water Bomb, Placed on an elite webzine of World Security Network Foundation, New York, 27 July 2005.
•    Narcotics Threat, Dithering Societies and Institutions.              —–do—,  07 June 2006
•    NATO’s Expansion (Prospects and Pitfalls).  ‘Central Asia’ Journal of Area Study Center, University of Peshawar, winter, 2004.
•    The New Great Game: Oil and Gas Politics In Central Eurasia (PhD Thesis), University of Peshawar, 2003-2007.
•    The Second Stroke (A perspective view through the German vision). ‘Pakistan Army Journal’, Summer 1998.
•    Unit Command: How Flattering!  ‘Pakistan Army Green Book-1991’
•    Logistic Intricacies, An Attitude Alignment.   ‘Pakistan Army Green Book-1996’
Articles published in National and International Media
•    Meaningful Giants in ‘Eurasian Balkan. ,   WSN-28 Feb 2006
•    US QDR Impacts the World Scene.                     —-do—      04 May 2006
•    Trite Phrase of 21st Century.           (The Nation-Pakistan), 26 January 2005
•    Will-o-the-Wisp Chase                   ( The Nation-Pakistan), 1 March 2005
•    Oily ‘Oil Wars’.                              (The Nation-Pakistan, 22 March 2005.
•    Pink Bandeaux Revolution.             (The Nation-Pakistan), 29 March 2005.
•    .The Diplomatic Imperatives and Domestic Feuds , ‘Pakistan Army Journal’, Winter 1998.
•    The Calculus of Miscalculated Human Misery, World Security Network Foundation Webzine.
•    Rule on ‘O Misery’.                           (The Nation-Pakistan), 29 October 2006
•    Turn Tragedy into Advantage.            (The Nation-Pakistan)  2 November 2006
•    Dilemma of States and Sovereignty   (The Nation-Pakistan), 12 December 2006.
•    Will Military Assault Go on Iran?      (The Nation-Pakistan), 19 January 2007.
•    Trauma in the Waiting,    15 January 2007.
•    Chinese ‘Kill’ and Space Ethics.         (The Nation-Pakistan) 25 January 2007
•    Crucial Triangle Clatters on the Hinges.  (The Nation-Pakistan) 13 June 2007
•    Need for Dialogue and Diplomacy.          (The Nation-Pakistan) 4 July 2007
•    Deal on Heels  , WSN 20 August 2007
•    Caucasus: An Early Symptom of Wider Conflict.  WSN-26 August 2008.
•    US Ike Lashes FATA-Pakistan , WSN-New York, 26 September 2008
•    Mumbai Mumbles. WSN-New York, 02 December 2008.
•    Pakistan in the Cauldron of Internal Crises, WSN-Feb 2010.
•    Of Diplomacy and Glacier Conks. The News International, Pakistan, 22 December 2010.
•    Pakistan’s Case of Diplomacy and Glacier Conks.  www.worldsecuritynetwork.com, www.presscode.gr, 23 December 2010, an expanded version of above article.
•    Accountability: Real or Flirtatious.  In ‘Modern Diplomacy, 13 January 2011 (www.presscode .gr).
•    Muslims’ Compassion and Tolerance Towards other Religions—A Strategic deficit. In ‘Modern Diplomacy, 31 January, 2011. www.presscode.gr
•    Davis Raymond Saga and Bold Judgment, In ‘Modern Diplomacy’, ‘www.presscode.gr’ 22 March 2011.
•    Triangulating India-Iran-Pakistan’s Balance of Equation, a research article, I wrote on invitation by Prof Dr. Mahendra Gaur, Director Foreign Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, India for their FPRC Journal No. 6 of August 2011. It also appeared in ‘Modern Diplomacy’ a Greek journal and IFIMES.org (Institute of Middle East and Balkan Studies, Slovenia).
•    India Toying with Dangerous Cold Start War Doctrine. Available at Modern Diplomacy under may acronym; Dr. Makni, IFIMES.org  –26 November 2011
•    Rendezvous with Monster or Messiah carried by world famous websites and can be tracked through Google, April 2013.
•    Fickle Peace and Devastating Middle East Nuclear Tangle, published by a peer reviewed, refereed and indexed journal of University of Kashmir, Srinagar and Published by famous EBSCOhost, April 2013, available on Google.
•    Threats and Challenges Emanating from Middle East for Western Balkans. Published by IFIMES, Eurasia Review and abridged version presented in Crans Montana Forum, Geneva, on 19 Oct 2012. It was published by a peer reviewed Journal of Geopolitics, History and International Relations, Addleton Academic Publishers New York. A hard copy of the journal has been received by me.
•    South China Sea Security Dilemma carried by Eurasia review, IFIMES, USA Today, Sky News, Ovi Magazine and several dozen other media sites. May 2013.
•    Fall and Rise of Khan. As above, May 2013
•    Will the Black Sea Blow Up? Published by Eurasia Review, IFIMES, Scoop NZ and several others.
•    Afghanistan Peace Dialogues and Post-America Regional Scenario. Published by Eurasia Review, Scoop NZ and several other sites.
•    Iran-EU’s Chilled Relations: Would the Roles and Bonhomie Revive? Written at the request of Mahendra Gaur, Director FPRC New Delhi, India. It was also published by Scoop NZ, Eurasia Review and Ifimes.org.
Book Reviews
•    Review of Ricardo Bellafior’s “Rosa Luxemburg and the Critique of Political Economy” (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics. London & New York: Routledge, 2009), was published in November 2010 Issue of Europe Asia Studies Journal of University of Glasgow. A peer-reviewed magazine of high research standard remains in particular focus by the scholars. The university sent me a complimentary hard copy.
•    Second review about Cathie Carmichael’s book, ‘Genocide before the Holocaust’ was published in March 2011 issue of Europe Asia Studies Journal of University of Glasgow, printed at Routledge & Francis. The University sent me a complimentary hard copy.

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