Ammar Sharaan
Democratic Arab Center

Ammar Sharaan

Ammar Sharaan : President of ” Democratic Arab Center”  for Strategic& Political & Economic Studies

Journalist and political researcher,Specialist
in Middle East issues,Trainer in human rights,and political activist.

-College of Information Damascus University -1988.
-Master of Middle East issues.
-Master of human development, “Democratic Institute for Policy Studies,” 1997.
-Master in “illegal immigration” International Center for Studies in 2004.
Scientific expertise:
-Director general, the founder of the Democratic Arab Center .
-President of the “German Democratic Institute”
-Director of Dar Sharaan for publication and distribution.
-Editor in chief of the magazine “democratic”
List of books and research:
Firstly_Research projects:
-The challenges of peace in the Middle East,Democratic Arab Center,2007
-Turkish security intervention and changes in files Arab and Islamic region,2009
-Illegal immigration,” International Center for Studies,2010
-Water … the cause of future wars,Democratic Arab Center,2011
-The file Arab national and variables in the Middle East,Democratic Arab Center,2011
-Political participation for college students,International Center for Studies
-Legal and political empowerment of women,Dar Sharaan for publication
-Citizenship,Democratic Arab Center
-Blogs,Democratic Institute for Policy Studies
-Settlement the Lebanese crisis,International Center for Studies,2009
-Middle East Democracy,Democratic Arab Center
-Political Islam,Democratic Arab Center
-Conference on International Criminal Court,2009
-Iraqi elections and its reflection on the future of Iraq,2010
-Iraq and the prospects for future developments in the political process between
the escalation of violence.2011
-International Conference on the Syrian Revolution: Present and Future.2013
the press Experience:
-Correspondent to international organizations,1994_1998
-Editor in chief of Arab decision,1998_2002
-Correspondent for a number of Arab newspapers,2002_2007
Training courses:

-Lecturer: Course qualification test of the diplomatic corps.
– Lecturer: political education courses” Democratic Arab Center”
-Lecturer: Course in the media “Democratic Arab Center”
– Lecturer: Course of human rights in the” Arab Democratic Center”
– Lecturer: Diploma specialized in strategic planning and crisis management
– Lecturer: Diploma specialized in the analysis of political
– Lecturer: The training program for the preparation of activists in the field of human rights
– Lecturer: Human rights in international treaties and conventions
– Lecturer: human rights and the democratic transition
– Lecturer: Human Rights in Islam
– Lecturer: Human rights in national legislation

Founder of”  Democratic Arab Center.. for Strategic, Political & Economic Studies

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