Free Dating App: Should You Use It? Pros & Cons

Seriously, if you don't have any social skills whatsoever, then online dating just isn't for you. Honestly, the only way for you to ever have a good chance at meeting someone "cold" and "friendly" is to either go out with them regularly (which means spending hours at a time outdoors), or join some kind of casual hookup dating community where you can meet people every day free online dating austin. There are many great free online dating apps for both of these purposes. Here's how they work.

The top tip I have for you when looking for an app for casual hookups that will actually help you find love is to avoid the free ones. Why? Because they are a complete waste of time. As a matter of fact, there are so many fake profiles on these dating services that it's actually pretty difficult to tell which are genuine and which aren't.

Ok, enough about the pros and cons.

The real important tip I have for you is this. Free online dating sites often charge you to access their features. Contrast this with the paid-for features of online matchmaking sites. On top of charging you money to use their features, these paid-for features often have a much higher return on investment than the free features of the same websites.

Take Grindr, for example. On the paid-for features of Grindr, you can search through someone's profile, view the pictures they've posted, send them a private message, and even email them. For the most part, this is where the free dating app pros come in.

Ok, I'll admit it: the only thing that the free online dater pros come in too is the lack of user base. Yes, there are tons of singles online, but they are in such a tiny, concentrated area that it can be hard to even know which ones are good matches. For instance, okcupid has just under 100 million users. That's a small number by dating site standards. Even though the number is low, it still puts it in the same tier as the other, more popular sites.

So what is it then that OkCupid aims to do better?

The company claims to be focusing more on the user experience and diversity as well as widening the reach of their platform. They also plan to expand their gay and lesbian selection to include more countries. Ok, now that I've sold my soul to the devil for this free app, what can I say? Well, here's my bottom line: if you want to find love online, skip OkCupid.

The pros far outweigh the cons. I mean, c'mon... OkCupid cost $8 a month (I'm thinking they get a fat stack of dough for that price) and it's got a killer user base and tons of functionality. If you want to find love, go for eharmony. If you want to save some money but not give up all the amazing features of an internet dating community, stick with harmony.


المركز الديمقراطى العربى

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