To face the ‘storm of challenges’

Dr. Amer Sabaileh
Five years after the start of the Arab Spring, Jordan becomes the defence shield in the area, but is facing a storm of economic, social and political challenges, and, above all, the threat of terrorism. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the various signs that indicate public discontent due to the economic hardships and to develop a social security system that protects Jordanians from the negative impact of the continuous regional crisis. Another factor to address is the expanding gap in communication and the lack of trust between government and public. It is important to focus on building a new, transparent channel of dialogue and design a new style of communication with the Jordanian society. It is equally important to adopt a new, innovative strategy; this requires a different manner of thinking and should involve new faces, putting an end to the policy of electing the same people for different positions. Jordan, a youth-based country, deprives the youth of the possibility of being politically represented. Doing so could generate the risk of witnessing as an increased level of extremism and violence and create noticeable failure in the human development process in various areas. The region has been witnessing violence that has become part of people’s daily life and has a very undesirable influence on people’s behaviour, having played a major role in escalating the level of social violence. Therefore, it would be improper to consider that the fear of scenarios witnessed in neighbouring countries will always push people to stay silent. People could easily take action when faced with economic misery and frustration. Many studies have already anticipated the risk of a fall in morals and ethics, which affects the concept of obligations and law. What is needed today is a new national spirit that can recharge the society with enthusiasm and involve people in the decision-making process. Jordan should face challenges by adopting a new approach that contains the internal situation and by moving from slogans to actions. An action plan should be built upon three pillars: being open to all parties of the Jordanian society; addressing the cause of the problems; punishing the negligent. Involving all people in building their future will result in a productive society. Not doing so will make them become the enemy of the present

المركز الديمقراطى العربى

المركز الديمقراطي العربي مؤسسة مستقلة تعمل فى اطار البحث العلمى والتحليلى فى القضايا الاستراتيجية والسياسية والاقتصادية، ويهدف بشكل اساسى الى دراسة القضايا العربية وانماط التفاعل بين الدول العربية حكومات وشعوبا ومنظمات غير حكومية.

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