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Issues in ESP Class: Local and International Perspectives


 The #Democratic_Arabic_Center based in Germany – Berlin

In collaboration with

The University of Benghazi  –  Libya

Learning & Teaching Innovations Research and Development (LET-IN R&D) Organization Ankara, Turkey

Jointly announce the first internationals webinar on

Issues in ESP Class: Local and International Perspectives

Saturday – January 14th, 2023 – 8.00-11.30 GMT time

Local and International Perspectives

Workshop Chair : Dr. Fouzia Rouaghe 

Workshop Moderator : Dr. Radia Bouguebs


Honorary Committee
  • Prof Dr . Azeldeen Younis El-Dressi (President of University of Benghazi
  • Dr. Youssif Zaghwani Omar  –  University of Benghazi
  • Pr.Dr.Meltem Huri Baturay : President of LET-IN R&D, Ankara (Türkiye)
  • Dr. Amel Benyahia, Teacher Training College, Constantine -,Algeria
  • Prof . Ammar Sharaan  – President of Democratic Arab Center


Workshop management

  • Conference Director: Dr. Karim AICHE
  • Director of Publication : Dr. Ahmed Bohko


Due to globalization, English language use and its teaching have grown exponentially in different countries, and Algeria is no exception.  With the introduction of English language as a medium of instruction in the Algerian higher education, policy makers, course designers, and institutions are now to design course materials which should meet learners’ needs appropriately. However, designing course materials make it evident that syllabus design is one of the most controversial areas of additional language pedagogy. Course design and materials development have always been a daunting task. There are several issues that can arise when designing an ESP course, developing authentic materials, assessing course objectives and meeting learners’ needs, be it subjective or objective

Main Objectives of the Workshop

The aim of this webinar is to invite professionals and researchers to share their expertise in the field regarding one of the following topics: –

  1. ESP course Design
  2. Negotiated curriculum/syllabus
  3. Materials development and evaluation
  4. Authenticity in ESP context
  5. Challenges non-native speakers face in ESP class
  6. Course/Syllabus design remedial
  7. English as a medium of instruction
  8. Course assessment versus language assessment

Dr.Fouzia Rouaghe

Fouzia Rouaghe is Associate Professor of English at the University of Mohamed Lamine Debaghine-  Sétif 2. She has been teaching for more than 15 years several modules such as Oral Expression, English for Specific Purposes, Academic Writing, Grammar, Phonology, Cross Cultural Communication and pragmatics. She is CELTA Qualified Teacher Trainer and holds Cambridge Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers. She is a reviewer in Rumeli- Turkey and Umm Al Qura -KSA journals in addition to Algerian Journals. She has recently joined the Let- IN team – Atilim University in Ankra- Turkey

Dr. Radia Bouguebs

Radia BOUGUEBS is an Associate Professor at the ENS of Constantine, Algeria. She holds a PhD degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Constantine- 1-. She has been teaching English for more than 15 years. Her research interests focus on initial English language teacher education, drawing on teaching English for general purposes/ teaching English for Specific Purposes theory, teacher profile, classroom activities…etc. Radia has undertaken research on teacher education, innovative teaching approaches, developing language skills, language learning policies and the use of ICTs in foreign language learning and teaching, Integrating Multimodal pedagogy in EFL classrooms. Her works have been published in national and international journals including Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods (MJLTM), International Arab Journal of English for Specific Purposes (IAJESP), Journal of Studies in Language, Revue de Traduction et Langues, Revue des Sciences Humaines, Culture and Society (JSLCS) among others. Radia participated in many national and international conferences allowing her to meet and exchange her investigations and teaching experience with colleagues from Algeria and foreign countries. She is an associate editor in different journals including the “ALTRALANG” journal, “JSLCS” journal, “FORUM des Enseignants” journal

Speakers (GMT time)

David D. Perrodin: 8h: 00 (9h: 00 am) Algerian time

 Title: Heading in the Right Direction With Vocational English Curricula

Biodata: Mr. David D. Perrodin is the English Language Specialist with the Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand. He is also the Journal Manager and Copy Editor for the top-tier Q2 Scopus-indexed Journal of Population and Social Studies with the same Institute. In addition to being the recipient of several prestigious international teaching awards for his contributions to global education, he has acquired exemplary teaching qualifications and certifications along with a Bachelor in Secondary Education with honors and a Master of Arts in Teaching with honors, both with concentrations in English. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the final semester of pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

  1. Karen Ferreira-Meyers: 08h:40

Title: The place of English in Francophone Tertiary Education Systems

Biodata: Prof. Karen Ferreira-Meyers lives and works in the Kingdom of Eswatini, Southern Africa. Originally from Belgium, she arrived in the then Swaziland in 1990. She joined the University of Swaziland (now University of Eswatini) in 1993 and became Head of the Department of Modern Languages in 1998. She “migrated” to the Institute of Distance Education in 2010 where she is responsible for Linguistics and Modern Languages. Karen holds 4 Master’s degrees and a PhD in Francophone autofictional writing. Her research interests include the teaching and learning of languages; open, distance and e-learning; autofiction and autobiography; crime and detective fiction, African literatures. She has published widely (over 100 articles and book chapters as well as a book), she is a keen translator and interpreter

Ouafa Ouarniki: 9h:20

Title: ESP at Tertiary Level: Challenges and Recommendations

Biodata: Ouafa is an associate professor in didactics of teaching ESP at Ziane Achour University of Djelfa, Algeria. She is a regular presenter at conferences and her conference papers deal with teaching English for Specific Purposes, designing ESP courses, professional development of language teachers, the use of technologies in an ESP instructional environment. She peer-reviews papers for local national and international journals (U.S.A, Indonesia, Berlin, Algeria …). Her main research areas include ESAP, syllabus design and ESP training. She is an associate Editor of an indexed journal. She has recently joined the Let- IN team – Atilim University, Ankara- Türkiye as an advisory board member. She is also an active member in the laboratory of Traduction et Méthodologie (Oran 2) and the national Project P.R.F.U: Toward Critical Thinking Based EFL Class : A Must –to- Have Skill for Impacting Social Change  (ENS Oran) participating in all their events, running workshops and presentations

Tony Gurr: 10h:00

Title: Getting the Macro and Micro Elements of ESP Course Design Right”

Biodata: Tony Gurr is a seasoned teacher, trainer, consultant – and Learner. He draws on his wide range of ‘hands-on’ experience in schools, colleges and higher education institutions in the UK, Middle East, the US, Australia, and Türkiye. A popular workshop facilitator / keynote presenter, Tony is well-known for his creative and thought-provoking sessions with educators and trainee teachers. He has also worked on a series of major learning and teaching transformation initiatives, managed innovative curriculum and assessment renewal projects, and led a range of quality and institutional effectiveness programmes over his +30 years in ELT and education. Tony consults for a wide range of institutions, supports the development of in-house CPD programmes and mentors specialist / leadership teams across the region. He holds a PGCE, CELTA, RSA Dip. TEFLA, M.Sc., M.Ed., and MBA. He is passionate about all forms of student, teacher and institutional learning

Amal Zine: 10h: 40

Title: Crossing the boundaries of the uncharted land of ESP: playing the role of course designer and material provider

Biodata: Mrs. Amal Zine is an assistant teacher in didactics and ESP teaching at the University of M’sila, Algeria. She got her Magister certificate in ESP, with a focus on English for Business Purposes from Mohamed Lamine Debaghine University, Setif. Her fields of interest include ESP, EAP, genre analysis and writing for research purposes

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