What are anabolic steroids

There are a lot of descriptions of what anabolic steroids are. They are all taken from medical sources using specialized terms.

We will try to illuminate this issue in an accessible "human" language.

Anabolic steroids are biologically active substances produced by our body.

Most people have heard of anabolic steroids as a class of medications. Artificial steroids are widely used in medicine to treat various hormonal diseases. https://steroidsbuyonline.com/ And also in sports, in the form of doping, to improve sports performance.

Their main function is to stimulate metabolic processes in the body:

synthesis of muscle and bone tissue

acceleration of wound healing

fat metabolism and more

The main anabolic steroid is testosterone (in men, it is synthesized in the testes).

There is also such a term as anabolic hormones - this is a more voluminous concept.

How anabolic steroids work

Our body synthesizes anabolic hormones in small amounts. For example, men produce 5-7 mg of testosterone per day.

These hormones enter the general bloodstream, and then are delivered to organs and tissues, where they trigger anabolic reactions - tissue synthesis.

To make it clearer, consider a simplified principle of testosterone:

Testosterone is first synthesized in the testes. Then it enters the bloodstream in a "bound", inactive form and circulates through the blood until it finds its target. As a rule, these are muscle cells.

Further, part of the testosterone goes into an active state and penetrates into the muscle cell, where it gives the command to muscle synthesis.

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