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The Geopolitical Importance of the Asian Continent

Prepared by the researcher  – Belaicha Mohamed – University of Algiers 3

Translated by Driai Hayet –  University of Algiers 2

Democratic Arab Center

Journal of Afro-Asian Studies First issue – April 2019

A Periodical International Journal published by the “Democratic Arab Center” Germany – Berlin. The journal deals with the field of Afro-Asian strategic, political and economic studies

Nationales ISSN-Zentrum für Deutschland
ISSN  2628-6475
Journal of Afro-Asian Studies
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The Asian continent is known as the hugest area in the world in addition to its historical importance is listed as the original ground of the previous civilisations. In fact, the Asian continent is considered as the most important geographical area in the world, in terms of geopolitical, economic, strategic, and even military and civilizational aspects. Nevertheless, it is offset by a lack of references to this fact, which is confirmed by the statistics achieved through the present paper .So, this research seeks to shed light on the most important indicators of Asian power, to give an objective picture that removes the misconception of American and European supremacy which prevails all over the world.

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المركز الديمقراطي العربي مؤسسة مستقلة تعمل فى اطار البحث العلمى والتحليلى فى القضايا الاستراتيجية والسياسية والاقتصادية، ويهدف بشكل اساسى الى دراسة القضايا العربية وانماط التفاعل بين الدول العربية حكومات وشعوبا ومنظمات غير حكومية.

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