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Journal of Afro-Asian Studies : Sixth issue – July 2020


Journal of Afro-Asian Studies

A Periodical International Journal published by the “Democratic Arab Center” Germany – Berlin. The journal deals with the field of Afro-Asian strategic, political and economic studies

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ISSN  2628-6475
Journal of Afro-Asian Studies

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Journal of Afro-Asian Studies Sixth issue – July 2020

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Index of Issue

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Index 08
 Circular Economy: A New Pathway to Sustainability in Africa

Samar H. Albagoury

Faculty of African Post Graduate Studies, Cairo University

 Risk Management in Healthcare: A review article

Mohamed Fathi Abdel Aal ZagazigUniversity,Egypt

and  Haytham A. Ali Faculty of Science, University of Jeddah, Jeddah, KSA



 Assessment of the Quality of School Health Education and  Health Services in Governmental Schools at Khan Younis and Rafah Governorates, Palestine.

Naji M. Abu Luli1*, Zeyad Abu Heen2, Yousef Aljeesh 3
1Palestine College of Nursing, Ministry of Health, Gaza, Palestine

   2 Dept. of Environment and Earth Sciences, Islamic University – Gaza,Palestine

   3 Faculty of Nursing,  Islamic University – Gaza, Palestine


University Youth Interaction with the Libyan Crisis through Facebook

-A Field Study on the Users of the BBC Arabic Channel and the “American Free Arabic” Channel’s Pages-

Dr. Sekkal Babou Meryem: Associate professor

Moulay Taher Saida University, Algeria.

Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed

PhD in Media and Communication from Minia University – Egypt.

 Morocco’s African policy after its withdrawal from the Organization of African Unity (1984-2001) : The new pillars and contexts.

EL Moutaouakil Youssef

Researcher in modern political history

Centre de Formation des Inspecteurs de l’Enseignement  – Rabat- Morocco

 The Relationship between the GDP, FDI, and Non-Oil Exports in the Saudi Economy – 1970-2019: Evidence from (VECM) and (ARDL) Assessment – according to Vision 2030

Hassan Tawakol A. Fadol. Associate Professor of Econometrics and Applied Statistic, College of Business Al Jouf University in KSA






The Role of United Nations in the Libyan 17 February Revolution, until the Adoption of the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) of 17 December 2015. By: Lobna Abdalla Course: PPAD 5199 – 01 Analysis of Role of the UN & Arab League in Middle East Conflicts Dr. Ambassador Aly Erfan

The Short Essay (2)


The use of force and its role in international law

The author: Sayed Tantawy Mohamed Sayed

Master in public international law and PhD researcher



Level of Fragility of Palestinian Society and the Role of Stability and Elasticity of the Palestinian Economy to Reduce this Fragility Level

Maen Ahmed Salhab

MA in Sustainable Development – Researcher in Sustainable Development in Fragile Society

Statistician in socio-economic, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

Performance Appraisal of Employees in the Ministry of Higher Education and Sientific Research in Republic of Yemen


Doctor of Philosophy in Management




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