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Proverbs in Algerian Writings and Speech – Survival or Demise

Prepared by the researcher – SEKKAL (Babou) Meryem )Université/ Moulay Tahar (SAIDA)

Democratic Arab Center

Journal of cultural linguistic and artistic studies : Fifth Issue – March 2019

A Periodical International Journal published by the “Democratic Arab Center” Germany – Berlin.

Nationales ISSN-Zentrum für Deutschland
 ISSN  2625-8943

Journal of cultural linguistic and artistic studies

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Each nation is characterized by its culture which is an essential element to embody and project people’s way of life. Culture is an amalgamation of basic components such as traditions, food, music, poems, proverbs and so on. Proverbs or communication quotes are popular sayings which contain advice about how to act and live. Most proverbs have their origins in oral tradition; they involve encoding and intended messages which serve as a repository of people’s wisdom and folklore. Proverbs are generally classified within literary work as they accompanied the writers in their writings in order to sustain their ideas and give them weight. In other words, when the writer strives to reach authenticity, differentness and creativity, he commonly includes proverbs in his work. Further, proverbs may also provide the paper with originality since they reflect the writer’s environment, identity, language and traditions. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that proverbs are rarely used nowadays and this scarcity leads to their loss.  For this reason, the present research aims at investigating the extent to which Algerians writers may or may not employ proverbs in their papers or daily life. Thus, a brief, survey has been initiated on the Algerian literary works in addition to an interview done with specialized teachers in literature and sociolinguistics and a questionnaire directed to master 2 students to reinforce the credibility of our data. The results show that proverbs are seldom used at present time and this can be due to the lack of their use and more importantly to the fact of not being recorded in special or academic books.

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