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Solar energy as an alternative to the electricity production in Algeria-Situation and prospect


Prepared by the researcher

Fatima Zohar Ben Seghier, PhD student High National School of Statistics& Applied Economics, Kolea, Algeria

Amina Mekhelfi,Lecturer Kasdi Merbah University,Ouargla, Algeria

Djeloul Benanaya-  Lecturer – Khemis Miliana university Center, Algeria

Democratic Arab Center

International Journal of Economic Studies : Sixth Issue – May 2019

A Periodical International Journal published by the “Democratic Arab Center” Germany – Berlin

Nationales ISSN-Zentrum für Deutschland
ISSN 2569-7366
International Journal of Economic Studies

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This research aims to highlighting the solar energy position in Algeria with pointing his efforts in this field. The study show that Algeria possesses high potential in the field of renewable energies on general and in solar energy in particular through their geographic position, in addition to political efforts tending towards reinforcing and developing the production of electricity from solar energy by creating several institutions like (CDER & NEAL). However, this production is still low, comparing to fossil energy. The study revealed that despite the lack of experience in implementation as well as managing investments in clean energy technologies, it demonstrates a high awareness and political will in the development of RE through the program ( 2011-2030). Where solar energy plays a major role in this program, 70% of electricity production will be generated mainly by concentration solar power (CSP) and solar photovoltaic (PV).

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