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Unemployment and Political Regimes in Egypt 1960-2010

 By Lobna Abdalla  –  Political Researcher – The American University Cairo


Democratic Arab Center

Journal of Afro-Asian Studies : Fourth Issue – January 2020

A Periodical International Journal published by the “Democratic Arab Center” Germany – Berlin. The journal deals with the field of Afro-Asian strategic, political and economic studies

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ISSN 2628-6475
Journal of Afro-Asian Studies
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Increasing the unemployment rate in the country leads to instability not only on the economic level but also on the political level, such as what happened in Egypt in 2011. Hence, this paper will study the relation between unemployment rate and political regimes in Egypt from 1960 to 2010. Before addressing the problem in detail, the author will start with the definition of unemployment as there are several definitions for it. Then, the author will discuss the contextual background of the different economic policies that applied under different Egyptian political regimes and affected the unemployment rate in Egypt. Then, the author will review the literature that examined the relationship between unemployment and political issues. After that, the author will identify the theoretical economic background such as the supply and demand curve, Philips curve, and the costs of unemployment. Finally, the author will conclude with discussing the implications of the different policy alternatives.

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المركز الديمقراطى العربى

المركز الديمقراطي العربي مؤسسة مستقلة تعمل فى اطار البحث العلمى والتحليلى فى القضايا الاستراتيجية والسياسية والاقتصادية، ويهدف بشكل اساسى الى دراسة القضايا العربية وانماط التفاعل بين الدول العربية حكومات وشعوبا ومنظمات غير حكومية.

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