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Cartography of Hydrodynamic Sites in the Middle High Atlas: Inventory, evaluation and valuation – the Mhassr valley as an example


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  • 1. Abdul Latif: Research student at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sultan Moulay Suleiman University Beni Mellal, Morocco
    2. Al-Ghashi Mohamed: Qualified Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sultan Moulay Suleiman University Beni Mellal, Morocco

Democratic Arab Center

Journal of African Studies and the Nile Basin : Twentieth Issue – June 2023

A Periodical International Journal published by the “Democratic Arab Center” Germany – Berlin

Nationales ISSN-Zentrum für Deutschland
ISSN  2569-734X

Journal of African Studies and the Nile Basin

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“Mhasser Valley” is considered a model of mountain valleys that know the activity of riverine dynamics. Located in the Middle High Atlas, it belongs administratively to the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region, Azilal province. The main course of a besieged valley consists of a winding morphology interspersed at times with intertwined and triangular streams, in addition to a wide floodplain, which makes it more vulnerable to the activity of river dynamics, which leads to the development and change of the morphology of the river course. The studied field is also characterized by the predominance of the semi-arid Mediterranean climate, which is distinguished by the continental characteristic, with cold and wet winters, and hot and dry summers with the activity of the phenomenon of sudden thunderstorms.

As a result of this strong river dynamic, a group of geomorphological forms, different in spatial and temporal distribution, spread along the regular and flood course. This study aims, then, to inventory these “hydrodynamic sites”, which include a group of hydrogeomorphological forms resulting from hydrodynamic work within the waterways, whether normal, flood, or at the valley level, which are forms of scientific, cultural, historical, aesthetic, socioeconomic, and ecological value. …must fall within the natural and cultural heritage of the region. Today, these “hydrodynamic sites” constitute tourism areas that deserve an inventory, public awareness of them, and proposals to value them.

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