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Is Iraq a reliable ally – A Journey into the US perspective

Prepared by the researcher – Dr. ELAAF RAJIH HADI

Democratic Arab Center

Journal of Political Trends : Sixth Issue – December 2018

A Periodical International Journal published by the “Democratic Arab Center” Germany – Berlin.

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ISSN  2569-7382
Journal of Political Trends
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Reliability is a vital concept that summarizes the essential needs of a proper strategic relationship, trust is also fundamental feature which assures that both sides of the relationship share common vision, interests, and sphere of action.

Thus, to understand whether Iraq is a trustworthy country into the US perception there is a need to cover the Iraq’s image in the American public opinion post 2003. Although, one would ask whether such a perception creates a moral official obligation in the United States to continue its commitments in Iraq and to help it stay unified and on democracy track. To this end, media coverage and intellectual works will be covered. It is very important to cover out what kind of information the ordinary American receives everyday concerning recent political developments in Iraq. Its important to understand how public perception is created towards specific country in the US, and how that would effect policy making towards it.

During each section few sub-questions will be raised to fulfill the methodological requirements of this paper. Some of the questions are deliberately related to Islamophobia rhetoric and its effects on American politics. The field of study is the American intellectual and public periphery and how it delivers the images concerning IS, especially, in the aftermath of Mosul fall in June 2014; the study targets a period stretches from 1990 till 2016.

This paper will be organized on four parts as follows:

  1. Iraq Perception within the Intellectual Discourse in U.S.
  2. Post-2003 Iraq as conceived by Mass Media in the United States (Public perception).
  3. United States Foreign Policy and its implications on Iraq.
  4. The United Stares’ policy towards political turmoil in Iraq.

The primary sources of the research are mainly focused on the academic production in the US towards the Nation building in Iraq; and the mainstream media like CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street, and Los Angeles Times.

By following up these sources one can notice that the discussion over Iraq in the US pays attention not only to the discourse of political process in Iraq, while clearly to the successive administrations policies towards it. In this regard, this paper tries to be a valuable addition to this discussion through foreseeing the US prospect policy towards Iraq especially in the time of crisis.

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