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New Meanings of ‘Heroism’: Types of Sporting ‘Heroes’ in Egyptian Cinema


Democratic Arab Center

Journal of cultural linguistic and artistic studies : Eighth Issue – July 2019

A Periodical International Journal published by the “Democratic Arab Center” Germany – Berlin

Nationales ISSN-Zentrum für Deutschland

 ISSN  2625-8943

Journal of cultural linguistic and artistic studies

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This research examines the image of the hero in the social imagination, in order to understand the characteristics of the contemporary hero, by analyzing this character in a number of Egyptian films, specifically in terms of the personality traits of the athlete, his motives and his behavior in times of crisis, To stand on changes in the mental image of the hero in the social imagination. The research is based on the analysis of a sample of 15 cinematic films in the main Egyptian dialect, all of them practicing physical sports.

The research presents four types of “heroes” athletes: First: the ordinary hero who carries the contradictions of the social reality of good and evil and may make serious mistakes, but it is the end of the end. And second: the national symbol, the hero that brings victories to his country and his Arab nation. Thirdly: the funny hero and fourth the marginalized hero. Of the four types, only the heroes of popular heritage have been shown to make it a national symbol.

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